The Wälderhaus is a typical Blackforest building enlisted in the list of protected historic buildings. It is situated in the middle of the nature conservation park "Rohrhardsberg". The building has been raised in 1765 and used to be an inn and a place for meetings for the remote cottages and farms. Its characteristic design and its location in the rigid Prechtal valley on the banks of the river Elz make it a very favoured motive for painters, photographers and even books about the Blackforest.

After two years of remodelling the Wälderhaus now offers room for holidays in groovy Blackforest style rooms and a place for stylish celebrations in an historic environment.

The Water source is from our own well. The heating facilities are a huge Blackforest tiled stove and a wood-fuelled central heating located in the kitchen. As the entire Wälderhaus has been constructed in the typical Blackforest carpentry style from 200 huge silver firs smoking and open fire are strictly forbidden.

Our intention is to maintain this cultural monument Wälderhaus and offer our guests to spend enjoyable holidays in this unique Blackforest building.