The Wälderhaus is right in the middle of the nature conservation area (Naturschutzgebiet) Rohrhardsberg and offers easy access to the hiking trails nearby. Scenic landmarks are „Gschasifelsen“, 250 year old nature monument „Kosttanne“, the rigid landscape around Rohrhardsberg and the deep valleys and gorges of Yach. Interesting goals for your trip are Lake Blindensee, the falls of the River Elz or Triberger falls. On your trip from the source of the river Elz to the source of the river Danube you will pass the watershed between the River Rhine and the Danube. Not to fare away is the Brend summit, one of the most scenic views from the Blackforest to the Alps.

Trails for mountain biking and hiking in spring, summer and autumn and the skiing area Rohrhardsberg-Skilift in wintertime provide plenty of room for fun and recreation.

The beautiful town Freiburg is 40 km close. Straßburg or Colmar are within reach of an one-hour drive.